Switch without a Glitch

When you’re ready to choose Richwood Bank, we want to help you by making it as seamless and effortless as possible. That’s why we offer Switch without a Glitch.

We will contact, manage, and monitor the entire process from start to finish. Our switch team experts educate you on the process, keep you up to date with the progress, and monitor the account transfers to ensure every transaction is completely switched. When you are ready, we’ll need the following information from you to help us get off to the right start.

Switch Process Checklist – What You Need to Begin

  • Previous bank account information – Bring the last few months of your statements, or log in while here and let us review. This is to note where you have direct deposits or automatic bill payments so we can contact those businesses with your new account information for the switch. It also helps us know balance and debit history to put you in the account that fits you best.
  • Valid driver’s license or other form of photo ID – We need to validate and document that you are you.
  • Details of your existing automatic payments – Any contact or billing history information from current automatic payments you have at your previous bank to convert over for you.
  • Details of your existing direct deposits – Employer paychecks, child support, Medicare etc. – we can get these moved for you so no hiccups occur during the switch.
  • Bills – We also set up your online bill pay for you. Utilities, phones, loans (even if not with us), medical, etc – bring in copies of your bills so we can hand input them into your new online bill pay portal with us.
  • Minimum opening deposit – Although most of our checking and savings accounts have no monthly fees, are interest bearing, and come with a debit card at no cost, we require that you deposit a minimum of $50 into your new account to open it.
Print Checklist

Download and print the checklist for your convenience. Ready to start the switch? Contact us today. Once you have the information collected, there are two ways to flip the switch.

Level 1 – Hands On, Assistance Not Needed

This is where you want to initiate every step of the switch and handle the majority of the contacts yourself. If you want to lead the charge, you can download our switch guide and begin anytime. Come on in when you’re ready and we’ll input all the information for you and begin monitoring the switch. We alert you if any deposits or withdrawals are or are not hitting the timelines set. We’ll even help work with your previous bank and accounts to double verify the funds.

Download Switch Guide

Level 2 – Hand Over, We’ll Take Care of It

We want the switch to be easy for you and gain your confidence with Richwood Bank. We have a secondary level switch assistance guide that enables us to do all the heavy lifting. You’ll authorize us to work with all companies involved in your finances and make the full switch for you.  We will closely watch your account for the first couple of months to also verify all deposits, transfers, and bill payments flow seamlessly for you.

For Businesses:

The Switch without a Glitch is also applicable for business owners. We bring in our business expert team to help you switch ecommerce, payroll, ACH payables and receivables, merchant processing services, digital deposit scanners – all the solutions that make business run smoothly.

To start the Business Switch Process, Contact us. And check out our Business Banking Checklists so you’ll have all the materials you need to get started.