Our Card Services Make Life Easier

Card Services

Credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards – we’ve got you covered. Enjoy a convenient and safe alternative to cash and checks with Richwood Bank card services.

phone Report a Lost or Stolen Card

To report a lost or stolen card, contact us direct during business hours by phone, online chat or stopping in a branch immediately. For personal debit cards, we can print a new card at any branch to save you time.

After hours? No problem. We have 24/7  support lines:

1-800-472-3272 for debit cards | 800-883-0131 for credit cards

Traveling? We have worldwide support for credit cards:

813-868-2891 for outside of the US

Credit Cards

Our Richwood Bank Visa Platinum credit cards offer a No Annual Fee and 0% Introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. See Important Disclosures by clicking the link below to learn more and apply now.



  • No annual fees and no penalty fees
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Competitive interest rates and rewards
  • Personal and Business options
  • Online application
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Fraud protection and chip card security
  • Mobile payments

To request a credit limit increase: Call 1-800-883-0131 for customer service.

Online Account Access: MyCardStatement.com | cRewards®: cRewardsCard.com

Debit Cards

The Richwood Bank Visa® debit card is accepted worldwide and gives you a convenient way to make purchases. The money comes out of your account immediately, so there are never any monthly payments or finance charges. You can also get cash from any STAR® or CIRRUS® ATM.



  • Accepted worldwide
  • Make purchases online or in stores
  • Access accounts and get cash from ATMs
  • Funds deducted automatically from account
  • Customize your own design
  • No monthly payments or financing charges
  • Member CIRRUS® and STAR® networks
  • Surcharge-free cash withdrawals at STAR ATMs


Prepaid Gift Cards

Give the perfect gift every time. A prepaid gift card lets them get exactly what they want. The cards are accepted worldwide just like credit cards, and can be cancelled and replaced if they’re lost or stolen.



  • Perfect gift for anyone
  • Accepted anywhere major credit cards are
  • Easily re-issued if lost or stolen
  • Available in any amount
  • Low purchasing fee
  • Ready to use instantly
  • Safe alternative to carrying cash
  • Available at all Richwood Bank branches


Prepaid Travel Cards

Pack the right gear for you next vacation. A prepaid travel card is a safe, easy to use alternative to cash. Use it just like a credit card, and even get cash from an ATM. Prepaid travel cards can be cancelled and replaced if it’s lost or stolen, and they’re more widely accepted than traveler’s checks.



  • Use anywhere Visa® is accepted
  • Make purchases in stores or online
  • Get cash from any ATM
  • Safer alternative to cash
  • More convenient than traveler’s checks
  • PIN number and signature-based

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