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Identity Theft Monitoring 

We care about your safety and security.

That’s why we offer Total Identity Monitoring® – comprehensive ID theft monitoring
and recovery – to the primary account holder at no cost.

How does it work?

Initial Risk Assessment

Continuous Monitoring

Suspicious Activity Notifications

ID Theft Recovery

16.7 million

U.S. consumers were victims of identity fraud in 2017.


The average amount of money identity theft victims pay in
out-of-pocket costs.

16 hours

The average amount of time victims spend on resolving identity theft.

Source: Javelin Research

How do I get it?

After you open a Richwood Bank consumer checking account, Recovery Services will automatically be effective. To enroll in Total Identity Monitoring, coverage becomes effective once you sign up online.

*To sign up at no cost, an Access Code is needed.
Call us at 740.943.2317, visit us at any of our bank locations, or chat us online.

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Upgrade to the Individual Plan

Perfect for those who don’t qualify as a
personal primary checking account holder.

$9.95 per month

Upgrade to the Family Plan

Protect and prevent identity theft from
you and your entire family.

$19.95 per month

Five Online Security Habits to Minimize Your Risk


Sign up for account alerts everywhere. When it comes to receiving alerts about your banking account. We recommend using our CardValet app. It allows you to receive immediate notifications about your account activity.


Turn on two-factor authentication wherever possible. Enabling two-factor authentication on sites that have that capability, where a separate action must be taken beyond providing a user name and password to access an account, can make it significantly more difficult for fraudsters to take over your accounts. We also recommend proactively changing your password for Richwood Online Banking every 90 days.


Secure your devices. We increasingly rely on our digital devices to make purchases and share personal information. Criminals have shifted their focus to these devices to steal your information and accounts. You can help secure your online and mobile devices by instituting a screen lock, avoid using public Wi-Fi or using a VPN, encrypting data stored on your device, and installing anti-malware.


Place a security freeze. If you are not planning on opening new accounts in the near future, a freeze on your credit report can prevent anyone else from opening one in your name – which is especially important if you have been a victim of data breach that has exposed sensitive personally identifiable information. Credit freezes must be placed with all three credit bureaus and prevents everyone except for existing creditors and certain government agencies from accessing your credit report. While costs vary per state, typically each bureau costs below $20. Should you need to open an account requiring a credit check, the freeze can be lifted through the credit bureaus.


Protect yourself from unauthorized online transactions. As EMV makes fraud at physical stores more challenging, fraudsters are moving to target online merchants. Richwood Bank offers alerts for online transactions, and the ability to institute limits on online transactions, through our CardValet app. As a default, all of our customer’s daily debit card limits are set at $200 to help lower the risk of fraud. This limit can be increased temporarily or permanently.