Check Yourself In Order To Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself From Fraud

We live in a tech-savvy world. Technology makes our lives easier and helps many complicated processes run smoother and more efficiently. Unfortunately, an increase in technology in our daily lives as well as an increase in tech-savvy individuals, leads to people having more ways to commit fraud.

Our desire is that you never have to experience fraud or identity theft of any kind. That is why we have made the following list; to keep you safe from dishonest people.


What You Need to Remember

  • Richwood Bank may call to discuss an issue with your account and ask that you verify your identity.  However, we will not ask for your full social security number or account number.
  • If someone calls you and says they are from Richwood Bank, and you are not sure it is us, let them know you’d like to call them back or stop by the branch to further discuss the matter. We like face to face interaction and scammers don’t. Do not use the number given by the person, call us at 740-943-2317 , which is located on our website or  your monthly statements.
  • Mortgages are public knowledge. Anyone can find out online if you have a mortgage and which bank your loan is through. Many criminals will take this public info and “assume” you must have accounts there too. They will contact you by the address or phone number listed and pretend to ask questions about your account. If you do not feel comfortable answering any questions, please hang up the phone and call us at (740) 943-2317 to inquire about the phone call.
  • Our emails come from  – not yahoo, gmail, aol or any other email domain. If you get an email from any other email domain, please delete or forward it immediately to us so we can help investigate the issue. Report to
  • If anyone asks you by phone, text, email etc. to wire them money – it’s probably a scam. We will not do this nor ask you to do so. Please contact us immediately and do not do it until verifying with us.

Remember – when in doubt, please call us or stop by.

For more information on ways you can protect your personal information from identity theft, check out this article that we wrote on identity theft protection.

For Further Information

If you would like to get more in depth information on these topics, please refer the websites listed below.