Financial Calculators

When making financial decisions, it’s important to have all of the facts. These calculators will help you with some common situations. Of course, these are just for general information. For personalized quotes and products, please contact us.

Simple Loan Calculator

Thinking about taking out a loan? Calculate your estimated payment amount for different loan amounts, terms and rates. Simple Loan Calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

If you’re saving for a big-ticket item, this calculator will help you figure out when you’ll reach your goal. Savings Goal Calculator

Buy vs. Lease Calculator

When considering a new (or new to you) vehicle, this calculator can help you figure out the costs associated with buying and leasing. Buy vs. Lease Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator

This loan calculator is specifically for mortgages and helps you calculate your estimated monthly payment. Mortgage Loan Calculator

CD Calculator

Calculate how much your CD will be worth at maturity. CD Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator

If you’re planning for retirement, this calculator will help you figure out how much you need to save to reach your savings goal. Retirement Savings Calculator

Disclaimer: Our calculators are for informational purposes only and are not intended to provide financial advice. All examples are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes. Although we have obtained content from sources deemed to be reliable, BancVue and its affiliates are not responsible for any content provided by unaffiliated third parties. You may wish to consult an appropriate outside advisor about your financial situation.