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Earn points everywhere you use your Richwood Bank debit card.

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Start earning points everywhere you use your Richwood Bank debit card.

How it works.

Sign up for Buzz Points and link your eligible Richwood Bank debit card to your profile. Earn points on every purchase you make. Redeem your points for rewards, eGift Cards or charitable donations.

It’s easy to redeem!

  1. Use your points to purchase a reward.
  2. Make a qualifying purchase with your linked card and run it as a credit.
  3. You’ll see a credit from Buzz Points on your next Richwood Bank account statement.

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Are You New to Buzz Points?

How do I enroll in Real-Time Rewards with Buzz Points?

You will be prompted to “link’ your Richwood Bank debit card when you log in to your Buzz Points account.

How do I earn points?

Earn points by simply using your Buzz Points-enrolled debit card. Points can be earned anywhere you shop.

How many points will I earn?

You earn points anywhere and everywhere you shop with your Buzz Points-enrolled Richwood Bank debit card. In addition, you can earn bonus points when you shop at a Preferred Business.

Where and how can I earn bonus points?

You will be able to earn bonus points for shopping at Preferred Businesses ( 1 bonus point for every $4 spent). A list of Preferred Businesses can be found in the “Earn More” tab.

What is a Preferred Business?

A Preferred Business is one that has partnered with Richwood Bank and Buzz Points to provide additional incentives to reward cardholders for shopping with them. These are local businesses that are owned and operated by a member of our community, as well as local branches of national businesses that play a vital role in the local economy.

What types of rewards are available?

Points can be redeemed for local rewards, national gift cards and charitable donations.

How much will a reward cost?

The cost of a $10 reward, for example, is 1,000 points. Points are the most valuable at local Preferred Businesses and charities.

When do points expire?

Points expire after two years. Don’t worry, you will receive plenty of warning before your points expire.

How do I claim a local reward with Real-Time Rewards?

After linking your Richwood Bank debit card through your Buzz Points account, you can claim a local reward by browsing the local reward directory, selecting the desired local reward and clicking on the “Claim Reward” button. Then make a qualifying purchase at the selected merchant. The reward will be credited into your account the next week.

How do I receive reward reimbursement?

After claiming a local reward, you will make a qualifying purchase with your linked card to receive reimbursement in the form of a statement or account credit. Run your debit card as “CREDIT” at checkout.

When do I receive cash back?

Credits to accounts are issued weekly for the qualifying purchase in the week prior. It may take 1-3 days for credit to settle after they are issued.