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Dedicated to building strong communities.

”Opening a small business was no small task.
Having Richwood Bank on my team was definitely the right choice!”
Brad Plotner-Plotner Hardware
”I guess the best thing about Richwood Bank besides the service is the smiles! Anybody can take/give money or offer a special deal. But at Richwood, they make my day a great banking experience”
Dave Laslow- Burger King
”As a small business owner we need a bank who is strong enough to support our financial needs… Richwood Bank has served this purpose for us.”
Ralph Smucker- Smucker & Associates
“Everyone is always very helpful no matter what service they help me with. Thank you all , at Richwood Bank.”
Tim Sanders- Marysville
”…and upon banking with Richwood, we found the fee structure to be significantly lower. It saved my company $300 a month”
Chris Ledley- Midway Market
”Richwood Bank has problem solvers. They are looking to help you handle your banking business, as opposed for looking for another transaction fee.”
Greg Sehnert- Knuckles Sehnert & Associates