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Health Savings Account (HSA)

They say if you don't have your health, then you don't have anything. (Who are these people that say all these things, anyway?) But when you need to go to the doctor or pay for prescriptions, you'd better have a little money set aside too.

A Health Savings Account is a tax-exempt account established to help you afford future family medical expenses not covered by your high deductible insurance. Earn interest tax free and access your balance easily online or by check card to pay for approved medical expenses.

Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Save for future medical expenses
  • Earn competitive interest rate
  • Contributions are tax deductible
  • Earnings are tax exempt
  • Use for approved medical expenses
  • Access funds online, via checks, or check card
  • No maintenance fee or minimum balance
  • Transferrable to next job
  • No "use it or lose it" rule
  • Free e-Statements
  • High deductible health plan (HDHP) required*
  • FDIC insured

*To qualify for this account, you must have a high deductible health plan, cannot be enrolled in Medicare, and can't be claimed as a dependant on a tax return.