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With our new branch building underway in Delaware, the Richwood Bank would like to get to know our new neighbors in the community. We would like to schedule a time to visit your facility, take a tour of your establisment, take a few pictures and meet you and your team.

We will be featuring all of our visits on our web site for the whole community to see. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Lori Midkiff at 740-943-2317, ext. 1148 or by email at

Stop #1
AAA Store
June 1, 2011

The Delaware AAA Store is more than just a company that helps you along the road when you get a flat tire. Don’t get me wrong, they do that and do it very well. When you stop by their store at 840 Sunbury Rd out by the new Meijer and Kohls, you’ll find everything you need to travel, from luggage at great prices to brochures from places all over the world to currency exchange for international money. They can also provide you with an international driving permit, if needed.

The Delaware AAA store is fashioned in the new customer-centered Explore Store concept. It is currently one of 12 Explore stores located in AAA Ohio Auto Club’s 38-county territory. The club hopes to convert all of its more than 30 stores into Explore Stores over the next several years. The Delaware AAA store has six employees at that are ready to serve you when you walk in. They’ve been in their new location just over 2 years and had moved from over on Route 23. They say they experience their busiest times when the weather is bad…I guess that’s when people want to get out of town!

Their members can take advantage of many benefits. Not only can they get the roadside assistance, they can get discounts at many retail stores, restaurants and lodgings throughout the U.S., Canada and many overseas locations, and can purchase discounted tickets to amusement parks in Ohio and across the country. AAA also works with area garages to offer discounts to their members.

To promote safety, they visit area high schools and do vehicle maintenance inspections on teenager’s cars. In turn, they treat the kids to lunch from Dan’s Deli. It’s a great way to make a lasting impression on the kids!

Thanks to Michelle and her staff for inviting us to visit their store. We encourage you to visit as well and when you do, they’ll treat you to a gourmet cup of coffee on the house!

Stop # 2
The Central Ohio Symphony
June 3, 2011

The Central Ohio Symphony is in its 33rd year and consists of 65 musicians from the central Ohio region, which has grown from a volunteer community group to a professional ensemble. There are 28 people who serve on their Board of Trustees and 4 people on staff. We met with 3 of them on our visit with Ms. Linda Shearer as Board President, Mr. Warren Hyer as the Executive Director, and Richard Brulotte as the Production Chair. The Symphony has been in their current location for almost a year and they sit directly next to The Strand Theatre on Winter Street. They welcome you to stop by anytime and welcome the kids too, as they have instruments the kids can play with there in their location.

With 685 season ticket subscribers, The Central Ohio Symphony, we found, is a diamond in the rough! They are much, much more than an orchestra that performs 4-5 times a year. Their community involvement goes way beyond what we could ever write about here. They work with local merchants, Ohio Wesleyan University, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, city and county governments, area volunteer and non-profit organizations and is developing a unique partnership working with the new Mental Health Court. The Symphony is also developing programs in local schools with classroom level projects that assist the promotion of literacy, math skills and to increase overall proficiency at the elementary and junior high levels.

The counties they serve are Delaware, Franklin, Union, Marion, Licking, Morrow, and also do activities in Ottawa County as well. As most of their financial support comes from ticket sales, they also rely on individual contributions to fund their organization.

We so enjoy visiting with Warren, Dick and Linda and we encourage you to attend one of their concerts and experience the fine art of music. Their performances are a very casual affair and welcome children to attend as well. Plan on attending their July 4th Concert on July 4th at 7:30pm along with the fireworks. Lawn seating is free and chair seats are $5. Call them at 740-362-1799 for more information or visit their web site at

Stop # 3
Leaf Chiropractic
June 10, 2011

Our visit to Leaf Chiropractic was beyond what we expected to find. They are not just a chiropractic office where you come in, have your back adjusted and leave. The folks at Leaf have the facilities to take you through a complete process of determining the root cause of your back discomfort. They not only can take full X-rays in their office, but also can sit you down with a nutritionist and give you a complete evaluation of your diet to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need for a healthy lifestyle. They also offer a complete exercise facility made especially to strengthen your back along with exercise instruction. Another wing of their facility offers complete massages like full body, chair, neuromuscular, deep tissue, sports, four handed, pre-natal and couples. As you can see, this innovative facility can help you be fit, eat right and think well.

Leaf Chiropractic has been in their location at 1012 St Rt 521 for 3 years and had moved there from a location on North Sandusky St. They have a beautiful facility that is very warm and inviting. The waiting room is centrally located in the middle of everything so the focus of their practice is on the patients.

During our visit, we learned that Leaf Chiropractic will be hosting a Beach Bash in July to benefit the DR Sunflower Foundation, which helps childhood burn victims. At that event, you’ll be able to get a complete initial chiropractic examination with Dr. Nagel, up to two X-rays of one area of complaint and a report of the findings for a donation of $20 to the DR Sunflower Foundation. That event will be on July 9th from 3pm – 1am.

We appreciate Leaf Chiropractic letting us visit their incredible facility. Dr. Nagel and the rest of the staff were very kind and welcome anyone to call them with questions about what they offer. You can get many more details about what they offer at their web site at

Stop # 4
MT Business Technologies
June 10, 2011

MT Business Technologies specialize in helping clients improve their business performance by providing document management through networking, copiers and IT support. We learned that “MT” stands for Mansfield Typewriter, which used to be the name of the company when they started back in 1918. Even just recently, they received a service call for an actual typewriter! Most kids these days might ask, “What’s a typewriter?”

MT Business Technologies have approximately 300 people employed over 7 Ohio locations. Roughly 50 of those people are sales representatives and 80-85 are service technicians. They service all types of businesses and specialize in tailoring to each unique need of that business. They take a consultative approach to help guide you in helping make the best decision about what you need in your business.

You can find out a whole lot more about MT Business Technologies at their web site at or you can call Katie Hall at 614-895-8206. We want to thank Sarah, Jason and Jason for meeting with us and introducing us to their business.

Stop # 5
American Red Cross of Delaware County
June 16, 2011

When we first arrived at the Red Cross, we were shown a 7 minute video on the history of the organization. A lot of people think the Red Cross only collects blood. Since 1881, people have turned to the American Red Cross for help in times of crisis. Clara Barton, a former schoolteacher and government worker from Massachusetts, founded the Association and today, some one million trained and dedicated volunteers along with Red Cross employees, help people across the country prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Here in Delaware County, they have roughly 365 volunteers and 6 people on staff.

Our chapter here in Delaware County is very active in the community. Every year, they host a Heroes Breakfast where they honor the heroes of our community. This past year, they honored the 6 people that rescued Chris Frentsos from the Carson Farms Pond and also honored a team of 8 volunteer leaders of the Grace Medical Clinic at Andrews House. A new event they just started this year is the “Ride for the Red” which starts at the AD Farrow’s in Sunbury and ends at the Keystone Pub & Patio at Polaris. They also hold every year a Safe Family Saturday where they have games, free food, and give out free children’s bike helmets. The Red Cross is also proactive in educating people on CPR and can issue lifeguard training as well.

To find out more about our local American Red Cross Chapter, visit their web site at We want to thank Sheila Thomas and Tracey Wilson for taking the time to meet with us. We enjoyed getting to know them and the organization better. If you would like to volunteer some of your time, please contact one of these women. They can help you determine what volunteer opportunity best fits your interests.

Stop # 6
Route 36 Motor Cars
June 16, 2011

The first question we asked them was how they got their name. Haha! Obviously, their location is on Route 36 in Delaware. They have been there for 7 years and do a lot of business in fleet and wholesale sourcing. A couple of their major clients are Erie Insurance and Nationwide Insurance, which they supply fleet cars for their road reps. They are also known for buying and selling antique autos. Once in a while, you may drive by and see an antique car on their lot.

Our visit to Route 36 Motor Cars was very educational in learning how technology has affected the car-sales business. It used to be you would go to a car lot, look at all their cars, decide which one you want, and drive it off the lot. Nowadays, most sales are driven from the internet. If you visit Route 36, they can search the internet to find the exact car you are looking for and get it for you…no matter how far away it is. And on the flip side, they sell most of their cars to people from outside the community. They do have some local customers, but most of their clients come from the internet. They also find they have a lot of repeat customers.

You can visit their web site at to see all of their inventory. It was fun to sit down with Jeff Larger and learn more about what he does. He welcomes anyone to give him a call or stop by and he’ll be glad to help you find your dream car!

Stop # 7
Senior Citizens, Inc of Delaware County
June 22, 2011

Senior Citizens, Inc of Delaware County is an activities center for adults ages 55 and over. They moved into their new building in December, 2007 and it is packed with different activities for the older adults of our community. It is located in the Center for Older Adults at 300 Cheshire Rd, just south of Delaware. The director, Charlene Browning, gave us a complete tour of the entire facility and it left us wanting to retire so we could participate in all the activities as well!

When they moved into their new building, they had just over 700 members and only 4 years later have over 3,000 members. An annual membership to the center is $25 for Delaware County residents and just $30 for non-residents. Their oldest member is 105 years young and Charlene says she’s as sharp as a tack!

Their quarterly newsletter lists activities and programs available to the members. They include Trips & Skips, News & Views, Creative Arts, Computer Activities, Social Scene, Special Interest & Wellness, and Sports & Fitness. Along with all the programs, they have game rooms, a workout facility, pool, and a very nice eating place called JJ’s Café. They also do many things for the community like taking meals to 450 people every day. There’s no doubt about it when the Senior Citizens, Inc of Delaware County say “We Rock…but not with Rockers!!”

Stop # 8
Reap What’s Sewn
December 5, 2011

We were privileged to visit a quaint little shop called Reap What’s Sewn. It is located at 554 W. Central Ave, right across from the hospital. The shop has been open since January, 2011 and continues to grow their customer base. The owner, Jackie Caplinger, is such a nice lady and really wants to serve the community with their sewing needs. She offers fabrics, alterations and even sewing classes to help you learn about that sewing machine that’s been sitting in your closet collecting dust!

Jackie shared that her core business is the alterations and loves giving that personal service to her customers. She is surprised how many people can’t sew on a button! On the sewing side, she finds that young moms really have the aspiration to sew clothes for their children. While she has a nice selection of fabric, she will also custom order any material that you need for that special project.

Shops like this are a gem in our community of Delaware and we encourage you to visit Jackie at her shop and let her help you sew that masterpiece. She has her store beautifully decorated for Christmas and she’ll welcome you into her shop as if it were her home. You can visit her web site at

Stop # 9
Jazzercise Delaware Fitness Center
December 12, 2011

How fun it was to visit with the ladies from the Jazzercise class!! They are full of energy and ready to help you get “jazzed up” about exercise! Their facility is located at 652 W. Central Ave in the little shopping center behind the McDonalds. They offer approximately 20 different classes a week, so one of them is bound to fit your schedule. Many of their daytime classes even offer childcare. They also have a changing room available. We got to spend time with (front row L to R) Melinda Rhodes, Stephanie Clase, Robin Kuebler, Jessica Stried, (back row L to R) Susie Bibler and Lori Miklas. And how nice for our own Kent Kramer, VP at our Delaware branch, to be right in the middle of them all!!

The ladies said that their biggest challenge is to overcome the stereotype of what Jazzercise is all about. Some people believe it’s not a very good workout and others believe it’s way beyond what they could do physically. All of that is totally false. They were telling us of a marathon runner that was in incredible shape and was sore after her jazzercise workout. And on the flip side, if you’re not in shape at all, they will cater to what you can do physically and ease your way into it. They really do come to right where you are and help you grow from there.

One of the instructors also teaches a class at Ohio Wesleyan and finds that the students that take the class at school will also come to classes at their facility. They would also like to get more involved in the schools to help promote physical fitness with our children.

If you would like to come to a class, just to try it out, your first visit is free. We encourage you to give it a shot! You can visit their web site to get a schedule of their available classes. Push your body…find your beat!