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For over 140 years, The Richwood Banking Company of Ohio has proudly remained an independent, full-service bank. We've been a major supporter of individuals, businesses, civic and scholastic groups, and governmental activities. In fact, our board of directors and executive officers are all local individuals, who live in and care about their community.

Throughout our long history, we've conducted financial transactions within our community with integrity and professionalism. Our business philosophy is built on those two cornerstones, and they've helped us weather economic booms and recessions when other financial institutions either went out of business or were gobbled up in a faceless corporate merger.

Today we're as rock-solid as ever, providing unparalleled financial wisdom and real-world banking experience to each and every one of our customers. And what was true on the first day we opened our doors for business remains true today: a bank has to be more than just checking and saving accounts. It must offer reputable service and support, time-saving conveniences, and the benefit of its financial knowledge and experience.

The Richwood Banking Company offers all that and more, including an unwavering commitment to providing capital investment to the community it serves. We still promise the best service, products, and technology, and that's one thing we'll NEVER change.

Come "experience the difference" at The Richwood Banking Company.